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How Babies Learn

A fascinating baby course for you to do online

You really can help your baby be a happy baby


This course is different.


It's easy to find information on how to change a nappy, how to bath and look after baby's skin, lots of advice on how to breastfeed and potty training...And yes, all these things are vitally important. Yet the hardest thing to put your finger on goes un-missed...


How to build a strong and loving relationship with your baby, one that makes you and them happy


How Babies Learn shares simply and clearly recent findings about how the brain works so that you understand human behaviour and emotional development. More interactive than a book, more involving than a DVD, this online course will help you to understand your feelings about being a parent, will help you to identify your hopes and concerns and will enable you to respond to and best care for your baby right from the start.

In just six easy to follow, engaging sessions we have brought together the essential things that you will need to know to help you...


Have a happy baby and a calmer, more confident you.


You will learn:

The essential basics of how your own brain works and how your baby's brain grows and develops:

  • What your baby is telling you when they cry
  • Why it is impossible to 'spoil' a newborn baby
  • How you can help your baby learn when it's time to sleep
  • How by calming your baby you help set the emotional regulator in their brain on 'calm' for now and for the future
  • What to do to keep your baby happy
  • How to play with your baby
  • How quickly your baby will recognise and understand you
  • How easily you can help your baby learn to talk
  • How to trust your instincts and to be confident about the kind of parent that you want to be



This is an ideal course for mums and dads to explore and discuss together either during pregnancy or once your baby has been born. How Babies Learn beautifully complements traditional antenatal classes such as those provided by NCT or your local midwife, with no need to leave the comfort of your own home.

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 You can give your baby

the best possible start in life 


Q.How much does it cost to do the How Babies Learn course?

A. You can buy the disc (free p&p in UK) or instant download of the full 6 session course for just £30

Q. Can I  get a certificate when I finish?

A. How Babies Learn is accredited with the Open College Network. If you would like to get certificate (nationally recognised by schools, colleges and employers) for the your learning, choose the OCN version in our shop for £95 or you can start with the basic course and decide to upgrade at any time. 

Q. How does the course work?

A. There are 6 sessions to the course. Each session will take approximately an hour to complete. They are presented in Microsoft Powerpoint. If you do not have this on your computer a free viewer can be downloaded here.
The course is accredited with the Open College Network. We recommend that you choose the accredited version as OCN is a national awarding body recognised by most employers and all colleges. A certificate, at Level Two, is awarded upon successful completion of a number of straightforward assignments. These should be submitted to our assessors, via e mail or post. Further information and guidance about the assessment process is contained within the course units.
In adapting our live courses for on-line learning, we have captured some of the participants' conversations in short sound bites,so that you too can share those experiences. We have also built in techniques using a variety of media to match how the brain works, including film clips which illustrate the processes and developmental stages in a baby's growing brain. We have included questionnaires and personal reflection tasks, so that you can become more familiar with how your own brain works, and what makes you tick, before considering the similarities between yourself,your family and friends. This will help you to understand your baby.
If you choose to instant download, you will be sent a link which will enable you to access the course materials.