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From the moment we are born, the way we think, communicate and learn is special to each of us. No wonder being a parent can feel such a challenge at times!

Hand in Hand Learning will give you an insight into the fascinating world of your child's brain. Our courses will guide you through approaches that will help you overcome these challenges and achieve the best for your child.  

Now online, in 6 easy to follow sessions, How Babies Learn.  

For a Happy Baby and a Calmer You  







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  happy baby  

  – fascinating parenting course

  How Babies Learn 



  • Discover new confidence as a parent and ready yourself for those challenges parenting brings with the How Babies Learn course, to help you have a happy baby 
  • Designed by a group of adult and child education professionals with a vast array of experience, this innovative course will help you become the parent you want to be
  • Learn about your baby in the comfort of your own home, with the online course brought to you in six easy to follow, interactive sessions
  • Using the latest findings on how babies’ brains work, this course focuses on the essential things you’ll need to know to make a difference to you and your family
  • Increase your understanding of your baby’s brain and developmental patterns, giving you the confidence to make parenting decisions that will see your baby thrive.
  • A small investment in time and money to give your baby the best possible start in life.